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Car Rental Vitale is a company that operates with professionalism and courtesy, ensuring care and attention for our travelers. Our service is ideal for travel anytime, anywhere with trust and security. We are available H 24, 365 days a yesr. The rental is confortable and flexible, design to solve all the problems of mobility, anyone who needs to move in maximum comfort. The rate is personalized, competitive and not subject to change due to traffic.

Mercedes Classe E
2/3 PAX
2 Valigie Grandi - 2 Trolley
Ford Transit Custom Hybrid
7/8 PAX
6/7 Valigie Grandi - 3/4 Trolley

Our Offers

Our Offers

Our Offers

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2018 NOLEGGIO VITALE NCC di Vitale Giuseppangelo, Via dei Molinari, 38 - 85100 Potenza / C.F. VTLGPP84H21A662V - P.iva 01931030769



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